March 21, 2014

Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman shares photo showing staples in his head

This photo isn’t for the squeamish, but the scar that Reds closer Aroldis Chapman will be left with following surgery to implant a steel plate into his fractured skull will be a lasting reminder that the damage he sustained from getting hit with Salvy Perez’s liner late Wednesday night could’ve been much, much worse.

The projections are optimistic, even if the image is still pretty gruesome.

Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman posted a photo of himself Friday on Instagram (h/t Deadspin) after he underwent surgery on Thursday night, a day after Royals catcher Salvador Perez hit him in the head with a line drive during a spring training game.

The procedure took two and a half hours, and involved surgeons inserting a steel plate to repair Chapman’s fractured orbital bone.

The Reds hope Chapman can return in four to six weeks. He can resume playing catch in 10 days.

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