All-EKL and Sunflower League baseball teams

06/19/2014 7:04 PM

06/19/2014 7:04 PM



Pitcher: Ryan Cyr, Blue Valley, junior; Zack Engelken, Blue Valley West, senior; Riley Pint, St. Thomas Aquinas, sophomore; Wally Nellor, Gardner Edgerton, senior

Closer: Davis Schwab, Blue Valley West, junior

Catcher: Tanner Gragg, Blue Valley West, senior

Infielder: James Consentino, St. Thomas Aquinas, sophomore; Jackson Fuller, Blue Valley Northwest, senior; Mitch Rogers, Blue Valley, senior; Tyler Watson, St. Thomas Aquinas, senior

Outfielder: Evan Bourn, Blue Valley West, senior; Jack Pauley, St. Thomas Aquinas, senior; Sam Daily, Blue Valley West, junior; Austin Hoegerl, Blue Valley Southwest, junior

Designated hitter: Dallas Mitchell, St. Thomas Aquinas, sophomore

Utililty: Alex Van Pelt, St. Thomas Aquinas, senior


Pitcher: Tanner Fox, Blue Valley, sophomore; Drake Herrman, Blue Valley Southwest, senior; Miller Hogan, Blue Valley Southwest, junior; David Tudhope, Blue Valley Southwest, junior

Closer: Alex Pener, Blue Valley Northwest, senior

Catcher: T.J. Martin, Blue Valley Southwest, senior

Infielder: Clay Custer, Blue Valley Northwest, senior; Joel Edwards, St. Thomas Aquinas, senior; Dan Reilly, Blue Valley West, senior; Blake Shinkle, Blue Valley Southwest, junior

Outfielder: Sam Chadick, Blue Valley Northwest, senior; Sam Davis, Blue Valley West, junior; Brandon Lee, Blue Valley, senior; Michael Valdivia, Bishop Miege, junior

Designated hitter: Rayn Robinson, Blue Valley, senior

Utility: Luke Whitlow, Gardner Edgerton, senior


Bishop Miege: Frank Burdolski, Jacob Watt

Blue Valley: Daniel Wells, Will Brennan, Chase Robinson

Blue Valley North: Stephen Lucy, Keller Agre

Blue Valley Northwest: Chase Kilty, Jack Duke, Ross Perez

Blue Valley Southwest: Jordan Yarbrough, Dougie Dowell

Blue Valley West: Ryan Ralston, Connor Kaiser, Luke Viestenz, Jackson Layton

Gardner Edgerton: Josh Mann, Jacob Means, Nolan Beets, Brett Wolford

St. Thomas Aquinas: Nick Pascuzzi, Weston Jacobs, Blake Lillis


Player of the year: Austin Michaud, Olathe East, senior

Pitcher of the year: Austin Hansen, Olathe Northwest, junior

Coach of the year: John McDonald, Olathe East


Pitcher: Brandon Bell, Lawrence, senior; Blaine Fisher, Olathe South, senior; Austin Hansen, Olathe Northwest, junior; Joey Wentz, Shawnee Mission East, sophomore

Closer: Casey Hearnen, Lawrence Free State, junior

Catcher: Drew Green, Lawrence, senior

First base: Austin Michaud, Olathe East, senior

Second base: Brett Andersen, Olathe East, senior

Third base: Ty Herrenbruck, Olathe East, junior

Shortstop: Nick Banman, Shawnee Mission West, senior

Outfield: Chase Redick, Shawnee Mission North, junior; Nate Reeder, Shawnee Mission Northwest, junior; Blaine Fisher, Olathe South, senior; Jeff Skeens, Olathe East, senior

Designated hitter: Joey Wentz, Shawnee Mission East, sophomore

Utility: Trey Austin, Shawnee Mission East, senior


Pitcher: Isaiah Campbell, Olathe South, junior; Tanner Kleinsasser, Olathe North, junior; Connor Leach, Olathe East, senior; Max Sanborn, Shawnee Mission East, junior

Closer: John Bohnemann, Leavenworth, junior

Catcher: Gunnar Troutwine, Shawnee Mission East, senior

First base: Jacob Sylvester, Shawnee Mission West, senior

Second base: Marshall Bland, Shawnee Mission South, junior

Third base: Casey Hearnen, Lawrence Free State, junior

Shortstop: Michael Sinks, Lawrence, junior

Outfield: Zach Bickling, Lawrence Free State, senior; Jose Cardenas, Leavenworth, senior; Casey Kelley, Shawnee Mission Northwest, junior; Mitchell Tyler, Shawnee Mission East, senior

Designated hitter: Matt Spellman, Shawnee Mission West, senior

Utility: Parker Kirkpatrick, Lawrence, sophomore


Lawrence Free State: Cooper Karlin, Jon Saathoff, Cameron Pope, Ryan Stagg

Lawrence: Kieran Severa, Easton Barnes, Jacob Seratte, Ryan Walter, Bryce Montes De Oca, Daonte Lowery

Leavenworth: James Gladieux

Olathe East: Payne McCutcheon, Luke Paldino, Jeff Skeens, Adam Thies, Jordan Brown, Chad Thomas

Olathe North: Mackay Williams, Caleb Underwood

Olathe Northwest: Braden Boss, Jackson Mindedahl, Saige Killion

Olathe South: Noah Croft, Stephen Miller, Austyn Gooch

Shawnee Mission East: Colin Burns, Charley White, Quinn Appletoft

Shawnee Mission Northwest: Brett Ferencz, Garrett Stephens, Griffin Robinson, Spencer Cook, Warren Specht

Shawnee Mission South: Austin Giannola, Andrew Zahnd, Trevor Alpert


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