All-Sunflower League boys track and field team

08/05/2014 3:05 PM

08/06/2014 1:44 AM


Shot put: Braden Smith, Olathe South

Discus: Braden Smith, Olathe South

Javelin: Alex Springer, Shawnee Mission Northwest

Long jump: Jared Belardo, Leavenworth

Triple jump: Caelan Neal, Olathe East

High jump: Kai Shean-Rowden, Olathe North

Pole vault: Trevor Hillis, Lawrence Free State

100 meters: Dresden Wilbur, Olathe South

200 meters: Tanner Green, Olathe South

400 meters: Tanner Green, Olathe South

800 meters: Stan Skwarlo, Lawrence Free State

1,600 meters: Ben Burchstead, Shawnee Mission North

3,200 meters: Alex Finestead, Olathe North

110-meter hurdles: AJ Stephens, Olathe East

300 hurdles: Erik Harken, Shawnee Mission East

400 relay: Olathe East (Dajuane Washington-Box, Kyle Evans, Caleb White, Parker Evans)

1,600 relay: Olathe East (Kyle Evans, Nathan Matters, Dajuane Washington-Box, Parker Evans)

3,200 relay: Olathe East (Nicholas Skinner, Tyler Brennecke, Nathan Matters, Quynton Barnes)


Shot put: Willie Morrison, Leavenworth

Discus: Willie Morrison, Leavenworth

Javelin: Carter Grissom, Shawnee Mission West

Long jump: Isaiah Simmons, Olathe North

Triple jump: Jared Belardo, Leavenworth

High jump: Samuel Howell, Olathe Northwest

Pole vault: Peter Madison, Shawnee Mission East

100: Jeff Silva, Olathe South

200: Dajuane Washington-Box, Olathe East

400: Parker Evans, Olathe East

800: Jared Reinke, Olathe South

1,600: Connor McDonald, Shawnee Mission Northwest

3,200: Ben Burchstead, Shawnee Mission North

110 hurdles: Demetrius Heath, Leavenworth

300 hurdles: AJ Stephens, Olathe East

400 relay: Lawrence Free State

1,600 relay: Shawnee Mission West

3,200 relay: Shawnee Mission West


Shot put: Marcel Spears, Olathe North, and Amani Bledsoe, Lawrence

Discus: Trent Flagler and Ned Bingaman, Shawnee Mission South, and Lee Spight, Shawnee Mission West

Javelin: Coleman Clanton, Olathe South, and Lucas Werner, Lawrence Free State

Long jump: Louis Rollins, Shawnee Mission West, and Caelan Neal, Olathe East

Triple jump: Lavontae Shorter, Lawrence, and Scott Johnson, Shawnee Mission North

High jump: Louis Rollins, Shawnee Mission West, and Logan Shields, Lawrence

Pole vault: Jacob Benson, Shawnee Mission South, and Sam Mosburg, Shawnee Mission Northwest

100: Sydney Lincoln Omollo, Shawnee Mission West, and Sam Thomas, Olathe Northwest

200: Parker Evans, Olathe East, and Sydney Lincoln Omollo, Shawnee Mission West

400: Kyle Evans and Nathan Matters, Olathe East

800: Tyler Brennecke, Olathe East, Matt Wilkinson, Olathe Northwest, and Aidan Johnson, Shawnee Mission South

1,600: Alex Finestead, Olathe North and Reilly Wiscombe, Shawnee Mission West

3,200: John Arnspiger, Shawnee Mission East, and Ryan Liston, Lawrence Free State

110 hurdles: Dearion Cooper, Lawrence, and Erik Harken, Shawnee Mission East

300 hurdles: Demetrius Heath and Landry Hodges, Leavenworth

400 relay: Shawnee Mission West and Olathe North

1,600 relay: Olathe South, Shawnee Mission North and Shawnee Mission Northwest

3,200 relay: Lawrence Free State and Shawnee Mission Northwest


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