July 1, 2014

Warm-up round? For 5-year-old golfer, practice makes for perfect hole-in-one

Lynn Powell, a 5-year-old golfer from Overland Park, hadn’t practiced all week before her tournament for girls under age 7. So what does she do while warming up? She nails a hole in one.

Lynn Powell needed just one swing.

The 5-year-old golfer from Overland Park hadn’t practiced all week before her tournament for girls under age 7, so her parents took her to Ironhorse Golf Club to warm up.

Her first shot of the day went 57 yards for an ace on No. 1 at the par-3 executive course, a shortened course for kids and beginners.

Her father, Jim Powell, a golf professional at Prairie Highlands Golf Course in Olathe, may have been more excited than she was.

“We jumped up and down and screamed,” Powell said. “There were some people over on the putting green and they were looking at us like, ‘What happened over there?’ And I said ‘Hole in one! Hole in one!’”

Lynn’s mom, Leilani, yelled when she saw the ball go in the cup.

“It was just so nice,” Leilani said. “It was amazing to see that ball go up, up, up ... gone!”

As someone who has had eight holes-in-one, Powell knew the drill. He let his daughter look at her pink golf ball in the hole and made sure she was the one to grab it out while he snapped a photo. He then went and had a trophy made for Lynn to display the ball and show how proud he was of his daughter.

Lynn, who attends Lakewood Elementary, wasn’t quite ready to speak about her hole-in-one. A little shy, or perhaps just modest in her accomplishment, she let her dad tell the story, nodding her head when asked if she thought she could do it again.

Powell estimates Lynn had played maybe 50 holes, ever, before making the shot.

“I figured it’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing,” Powell said.

Katie O’Keefe,

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