A return to normalcy in scheduling should bode well for Mizzou

A year ago, Mizzou was thrust into Southeastern Conference play in week two of the regular season and quarterback James Franklin was banged up. This year, the Tigers’ schedule gradually ramps up, starting with a week-one romp against Murray State and continuing Saturday against Toledo.

A day of celebration ends in crushing loss for K-State

Kansas State lost to North Dakota State 24-21 on Friday night, and feel free to play the David vs. Goliath angle. The Bison play in the Division I championship subdivision, formerly Division I-AA, a rung down from the major Division I teams like K-State that award about 20 more scholarships.

Big 12 takes aim at SEC in college football’s first weekend

Seven straight Bowl Championship Series titles for the Southeastern Conference are unprecedented in modern football times. Not since the game was dominated by Harvard, Yale and Princeton in the 19th century has one region cornered the market. And from a competitive spirit standpoint, no one smolders over this development like the Big 12.

For Alabama QB McCarron, fame is best left for others

Alabama’s A.J. McCarron, better known as Katherine Webb’s boyfriend, is favored this season to win a fourth national championship in his college career and third as a starter. Nobody in the role of major college quarterback has accomplished more, and yet recognition hasn’t come as easily.

Manziel at SEC Media Days: He’s not Johnny Hangover

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel kicked off his Heisman Trophy encore season answering why he left the Manning passing camp early (no hangover, he just missed his alarm). The attention was Tebow-like in scale. Even by SEC Media Day circus standards, the attention bordered on insane. “The spotlight is 10 times brighter than I thought it was,” he said.