SEC teams want a shot at the title

College football faces the prospect of a national title game without a team from the Southeastern Conference. That’s not a popular concept for the conference that has won seven straight national championships.

SEC wins at everything, including conference realignment

With three years of realignment nearly in the books, the biggest upset has been recorded in the Southeastern Conference. Missouri and Texas A&M battle in Columbia on Saturday and the Tigers are playing for a spot in the SEC championship game. Win, and Mizzou heads to Atlanta to face the Alabama-Auburn survivor. If this happens, Missouri could achieve a level of success beyond any others in the recent realignment class.

After wild night, SEC East is still Missouri’s for the taking

A couple of Southeastern Conference football teams could have come to the aid of Missouri on Saturday, and for a while it appeared fortune was smiling on the Tigers. But now Mizzou knows precisely what is required to win the SEC East. South Carolina finished league play 6-2. The Tigers need to finish 7-1. It’s theirs for the taking.

In bizarro college football world, Baylor is up, Florida down

One school, Baylor, which has never played in a BCS bowl, loves the direction of its football program and throws contract years and cash at its coach. The other, Florida, among the national leaders in BCS bowls, issues statements from the president and athletic director supporting its embattled coach.

Incognito saga shows true value of high character

When the NAIA scheduled its inaugural Champions of Character Foundation Awards Luncheon, it didn’t consult with the Miami Dolphins and Richie Incognito. But there it was, the intersection of tumultuous topic and positive message building in athletics.

One loss didn’t beat Mizzou twice

The Tigers reacted to last week’s gut-punch with determination and an edge Saturday, pounding out a 31-3 victory against a Tennessee team that was good enough to beat the Gamecocks two weeks before they shocked the Tigers.

Nothing new about college football coaches misbehaving

Sometimes humans behave badly, and sometimes those humans are major college coaches. Carl Pelini joined the list on Wednesday. Florida Atlantic asked for and received the immediate resignation of Pelini, the head coach, and defensive coordinator Pete Rekstis for illegal drug use.

Former Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe still working in sports

Dan Beebe’s office is in Kansas City, not far from the Intercontinental Hotel on the Country Club Plaza, where the conference he once governed and twice nearly fell apart, held its annual spring meetings. The former Big 12 commissioner remains active heading the Dan Beebe Group, which consults college athletes.

Missouri Tigers open strong in BCS standings at No. 5

At this rate of upward mobility, Missouri will hover somewhere above the rest of college football in a couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, the Tigers debuted at No. 25 by the Associated Press. Today, Mizzou stands at No. 5 on the list that matters most —the BCS standings that launched Sunday night with Alabama leading the way.

In changing Indian nicknames, colleges lead the way

At one time, Native American nicknames were common in the NCAA and amateur sports. When schools didn’t act on their own to change Indian nicknames, the NCAA took action. In 2005, the organization asked schools to evaluate their nicknames, mascots and imagery. Of the 31 schools with Indian names, 19 were cited as hostile or abusive.

Time to settle on a quarterback at K-State

Kansas State has lost its first three Big 12 games even in a down year for the Big 12. The Wildcats, the defending league champions, need plenty of help to be part of the championship race. By giving the majority of snaps to Daniel Sams, the Wildcats probably would get there and set themselves up for more in the future.

Andre Maloney’s last hours spent bringing people together

Andre Maloney, who died Friday evening, spent his final hours bringing people together. They honored and paid tribute to the 17-year-old student and athlete from Shawnee Mission West whom most didn’t know personally. But as the news grew more disbelieving dire on Friday the grief and sorrow crossed so many communities, including at KU, where Maloney had committed to play next season.

35 years later, time for college sports to take next step

NCAA Division I broke into two subdivisions 35 years ago as bigger schools wanted fewer restrictions. Today, the same discussion is happening in college sports. Boil down some of the biggest gripes, and we arrive at the same, simple place. The greatest money-makers want to control the wealth they create.

Missouri, K-State and KU showing new game faces

A month into the season is time for identities to take shape in college football, and Missouri has to love what it sees after a 45-28 thumping at Indiana. Kansas State, not so much after falling at Texas. Kansas? Linebacker Ben Heeney put it best after the Jayhawks survived 13-10 over Louisiana Tech. “We’re twice as good as we were last year now,” he said.

Game day approaches at Nebraska, not a moment too soon

Football Saturday has almost arrived in Lincoln, Neb., and although this autumn ritual is greeted as enthusiastically there as anywhere in the country, the weekend has never felt more welcome. One of the wildest weeks in the program’s history nears completion, and maybe Nebraska coach Bo Pelini can twist this maxim — that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger — and apply it to his team.

LSU, Auburn quarterbacks share Kansas junior college ties

When Auburn chose Nick Marshall as its starting quarterback last month, the Tigers’ game Saturday at LSU added a sidebar. Both starting quarterbacks — Marshall and LSU’s Zach Mettenberger — started their careers at Georgia, and continued them in the Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference.