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Five seasons ago, KU football started a fall that continues today

How did KU football go from really good to really bad, really fast? The time after Mark Mangino’s departure has been marked by crucial missteps, ego clashes and a power vacuum that has driven the on-field product into the worst four-year stretch in the program’s history.

University of Kansas

Kerry Meier honors brother with trip to South Korea

Four years after his brother died, former Kansas and Atlanta Falcons receiver Kerry Meier is on an overseas journey to fulfill a promise. Before he died, Dylan Meier, a former K-State quarterback, was set to spend a year teaching in Korea, one more adventure for a man who thrived on life’s little moments.

Did that really happen? A look back at KU football’s fleeting glory

Just three years after the program’s finest moment, Kansas football was already mired in the worst four-year run the school has ever seen. The two extremes exist to highlight the other, showing how a program goes from really good to really bad, really fast. But as we inspect what went wrong, let’s take a look at seven moments that were once Kansas football — as crazy as it now sounds.

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