George Brett through the years

Recapping the 1971 MLB Draft

The Royals’ selection of George Brett in the 1971 baseball draft went on to become a franchise-defining move. But Brett wasn’t the team’s first-round pick. Here are the 28 players who were chosen ahead of him.

George Brett recalls his first major-league game: ‘Don’t embarrass yourself’

George Brett is walking his dogs on a recent summer morning as he talks about his surprise call to the big leagues — 40 years ago this week — and the legendary career that followed. So many memories are coming back to him. Like that June day back in 1971, when he just wanted to see a map. “I’m going, ‘Where the (hell) is Kansas City?’” he says. “And ‘Who the (hell) are the Kansas City Royals?’”

Boys (or girls) named Brett? Tell us your stories

Did you name your little one after George Brett? Tell us, and be included in our special project commemorating the 40th anniversary of Brett’s call-up to the major leagues in 1973. Here are some of the submissions so far.

Remembering George Brett's pine tar game

Today marks 30 years since the Pine Tar Game at Yankee Stadium - that indelible baseball moment that took place on a remarkably pleasant Sunday afternoon. Brett hit a dramatic two-run homer with two outs in the ninth inning against Yankees closer Goose Gossage that was ruled out after a dispute about pine tar on his bat.

It’s been 30 years since George Brett’s charge in the Pine Tar Game

George Brett says he never tires, even after 30 years, of discussing that indelible baseball moment that took place on a remarkably pleasant Sunday afternoon — temperatures in the mid-70s — for late July in the Bronx. That’s right. Wednesday will mark 30 years since the Pine Tar Game at Yankee Stadium.

Even for George Brett, passion has its limits

George Brett’s days are easy when he wants, sunny when he wants, luxurious always. That’s what made this experiment so interesting, the one where the man who worked himself into a king’s life as a baseball star chooses the grunt’s life as a hitting coach. He is going back to being a king, but he will miss being a grunt.

George Brett: 'Time for me to move on'

Hall of Fame icon George Brett promised the Royals on May 30 that he’d commit for one month as their interim hitting coach. On Thursday, after two months in the role, he stepped away from that duty. "I just felt it was time for me to move on," Brett said.