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(We welcome other topics as well.)

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Star Speakers The Kansas City Star welcomes the opportunity to provide speakers from among our staff for your upcoming event.

Speakers are available free of charge. We ask that your group complete a Star Speakers Request Form (or call us at 816-234-4593 during regular business hours).

Please follow these guidelines when making your request:

  • Depending on the distance outside the metro KC area, we may not be able to fill your request.
  • Plan to have at least 20 people at your function.
  • Send in your request form at least four weeks, but not more than four months, in advance.
  • Please do not request more than one speaker in a six-month period.
  • Teachers: Speakers can be scheduled for grades 6 and up only.

We’ve provided a Topic List (right), but we welcome other topics as well. You will see on the form a place to describe your preferred topic, the location and time of the event, and other details that will help us match a speaker with your event. You also can indicate if you have a specific Star staff member in mind. Please note that not every staff member participates in Star Speakers.

Please also note that members of Star Speakers are not allowed to accept honoraria. Instead, they are compensated by The Star.

Thank you for your interest. We will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your request.