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Newsroom Directory

Contact Star reporters, editors and photographers.

Abouhalkah, Yael Editorial writer/columnist 816-234-4887
Adams, Elaine Assistant city editor/Jackson & Cass Neighborhood News 816-234-4732
Adler, Eric Reporter 816-234-4431
Arnett, Dugan Reporter 816-234-4039
Backer, Paul Copy editor/page designer 816-234-4368
Barcus, Jim Photographer 816-234-4344
Barker, Jesse Health and education editor 816-234-4324
Bauer, Laura Reporter 816-234-4944
Bavley, Alan Health reporter 816-234-4858
Beasley, Jack StarInfo inventory manager 816-234-4473
Blocher, Fred Photographer 816-234-4344
Bongiovanni, Domenica Copy editor 816-234-4355
Branson, Greg Assistant managing editor - presentation and innovation 816-234-4749
Bradley, Donald Reporter 816-234-4182
Burnes, Brian Reporter 816-234-4120
Campbell, Matt Reporter 816-234-4902
Canon, Scott Reporter 816-234-4754
Carter, Chris Copy editor 816-234-4355
Casanova, Héctor Artist/designer 816-234-4348
Chrostowski, Keith Assistant managing editor - business 816-234-4466
Collison, Kevin Development reporter 816-234-4289
Cooper, Brad Topeka correspondent/Kansas government reporter 816-234-7724
Covitz, Randy NFL/auto racing reporter 816-234-4796
Cox, Jody Web news editor 816-234-7913
Cronkleton, Robert A. Reporter 816-234-4261
Darby, Adam Web news editor 816-234-4318
Davis, Jennifer Newsroom administrator 816-234-4642
Davis, Mark Economics and financial markets reporter 816-234-4372
Davis, Monty Picture editor/multimedia 816-234-4819
Diuguid, Lewis Editorial writer/columnist 816-234-4723
Dodd, Rustin University of Kansas sports reporter 816-234-4937
Donovan, Derek Public editor/director of research and information 816-234-4722
Dutton, Bob Royals reporter 816-234-4352
Engle, Tim Features reporter 816-234-4779
Espinoza, Richard Assistant city editor 816-234-4424
Eulitt, David Photographer 816-234-4344
Eveld, Edward M. Features reporter 816-234-4442
Everly, Steve Energy reporter 816-234-4455
Fabela-Jonas, Tasha Designer, Ink 816-234-4886
Fannin, Mike Editor and vice president 816-234-4345
Farmer, Greg Senior assistant managing editor - metro news 816-234-4321
Fickett, Chris Deputy sports editor 816-234-4354
Finn, Timothy Pop music writer 816-234-4781
Frazee, Brent Outdoors reporter 816-234-4319
Frese, David Entertainment editor 816-234-4463
Fussell, James Features reporter 816-234-4460
Garrison, Elaine Copy editor 816-234-4384
Gish, Sarah Enterprise reporter, Ink 816-234-4823
Gooch, Charles A-1 designer 816-234-4749
Grathoff, Pete Copy editor/page designer 816-234-4330
Green, Scott StarInfo 816-234-4528
Gregorian, Cynthia Billhartz House and Home editor 816-234-4780
Gregorian, Vahe Sports columnist 816-234-4868
Groves, Jo Ann StarInfo production 816-234-4709
Gutierrez, Lisa Features reporter 816-234-4987
Hack, Greg Daily business pages editor 816-234-4439
Hack, Jennifer Ink editor 816-234-4792
Helling, Dave Multimedia reporter 816-234-4656
Hendricks, Mike Local news reporter 816-234-4738
Hill-Meyer, Barbara Lead designer 816-234-4286
Hobson, Grace 913 editor 816-234-4306
Hoedel, Cindy Star Magazine writer 816-234-4304
Hoffmann, Sharon Assistant features editor/movies 816-234-4457
Horsley, Lynn City Hall reporter 816-226-2058
Howland, Chick News editor 816-234-4782
Ibarra, Tom Assistant sports editor/high schools 816-234-4882
Janssen, Bruce Copy editor 816-234-4716
Judge, Lee Political cartoonist 816-234-4482
Kempin, Bill News editor/Web editor 816-234-4713
Kerkhoff, Blair Big 12/national sports reporter 816-234-4730
Keyser, Shane Photographer 816-234-4344
Klopus, Joe Copy editor 816-234-4751
Knowles, Kris Features page designer 816-234-4893
Kraske, Steve Political correspondent 816-234-4312
Kreisler, Fritz Copy editor 816-234-4355
Ledford, Joe Assistant managing editor - photo 816-234-4358
Levings, Darryl Senior editor/writer - lifestyle 816-234-4689
Long, Allison Photographer 816-234-4344
Ljungblad, Tammy Photographer 816-234-4344
Lu, Kathy Assistant managing editor - features 816-234-4394
McGraw, Mike Projects reporter 816-234-4423
McGuire, Donna Police and courts editor 816-234-4393
McKee, Jason Copy editor 816-234-4355.
Mellinger, Sam Sports columnist 816-234-4365
Merrick, Bob Page designer 816-234-4128
Montgomery, Rick Reporter 816-234-4410
Morris, Mark Courts reporter 816-234-4310/4314
Mullen, Gentry Artist/designer 816-234-4749
Munday, Don Copy editor 816-234-4714
Myers, Keith Photographer 816-234-4344
Nakahodo, Neil Artist/designer 816-234-4348
Nienaber, Craig Deputy metro desk editor 816-234-4301
Ochsner, Chris Deputy photo editor 816-234-4349
Osterheldt, Jeneé Features columnist 816-234-4380
Palmer, Tod University of Missouri sports reporter 816-234-4389
Paul, Steve Editorial writer/columnist 816-234-4762
Paylor, Terez Chiefs reporter 816-234-4489
Pepper, Miriam Vice president - editorial page 816-234-4421
Phillips, Clifton Copy editor 816-234-4355
Pilgreen, Jay Online designer 816-234-7914
Prast, Rhonda Assistant managing editor - digital 816-234-4309
Pulliam, David Night photo editor 816-234-4358
Rice, Glenn E. Reporter 816-234-4341
Ritchie, Hannah Copy editor 816-234-4790
Rizzo, Tony Metro desk reporter - criminal justice 816-234-4435
Robertson, Joe Reporter 816-234-4789
Robison, Keith Deputy online editor 816-234-4731
Rosen, Jeff Assistant managing editor - sports 816-234-4706
Rosen, Steve Dollars & Sense editor 816-234-4879
Sanchez, Mary Opinion/local columnist 816-234-4752
Schmidt, Kerry Copy editor/page designer 816-234-4786
Schmitz, Matt Web news editor 816-234-4784
Schulte, Mary Features/business photo editor 816-234-4357
Schupmann, Melissa Copy editor/web editor 816-234-4367
Shelly, Barbara Editorial writer/columnist 816-234-4594
Shirk, Steve Managing editor 816-234-4484
Silva, Jill Food editor/lead restaurant critic 816-234-4395
Sleezer, John Photographer 816-234-4344
Smith, Joyce Reporter - Cityscape/small business/retail 816-234-4692
Smith, Michelle Assistant features editor 816-234-4356
Smith, Sara Features page designer 816-234-4375
Smith, Tom Page designer/copy editor 816-234-4240
Southerland, Paula Copy editor 816-234-4768
Stafford, Diane Workplace/Careers columnist/business reporter 816-234-4359
Sugg, Rich Photographer 816-234-4344
Thomas, Judy Projects reporter 816-234-4334
Thorson, Alice Art critic 816-234-4763
Toyoshiba, Jill Photographer 816-234-4344
Trussell, Robert Theater critic 816-234-4765
Vendel, Christine Reporter - Kansas City Police Department 816-234-4438
Weaver, Doug Manager, book publishing and retail merchandising, Star Info 816-234-4292
Welsh, Beth KC Pets/Community Faces coordinator 816-234-4343
Williams, Mara Rose Higher education reporter 816-234-4419
Wise, Lindsay Washington correspondent
Zeilstra, Daniel Copy editor 816-234-4836
Zeligman, Mark Assistant sports editor/copy desk 816-234-4339


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