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Phuzzle | Fall in love again

Jan 16, 12:54 AM

Autumn may be just a memory now that the falling leaves have been replaced by falling snowflakes. But you can relive the visual splendor of the past season while trying to solve this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Jump to it!

Jan 16, 12:46 AM

The 59th annual Kansas City Boat and Sportshow, held recently at Bartle Hall, included a dock dog competition. Channel your inner bloodhound and see whether you can “spot” the differences in this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Ready for Reid

Jan 9, 12:45 AM

There’s a new chief of the Chiefs. Andy Reid, formerly of the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, is the new boss around Arrowhead Stadium. While it’s too early to tell how many games Reid will win, you don’t have to wait to see how you do in solving this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Ride ’em, Cowboyz!

Jan 13, 6:03 PM

Nuclear Cowboyz, a freestyle motocross show full of rock music, pyrotechnics and appeals to extreme sports enthusiasts, launched its national tour in Kansas City at the Sprint Center, and riders rehearsed their gravity-defying tricks. Get revved up with this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | A royal tannenbaum

Dec 11, 6:05 PM

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the song goes. That means it’s time to pick out the perfect fir for the holiday (or get the artificial tree out of the attic), put it up in your home then decorate it. Take a break from decking your halls and try to solve this new Christmas-y photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Yes, we’re open!

Dec 11, 5:52 PM

We heard you, Phuzzle fans. After taking a monthlong hiatus, we have two new photo puzzles online for your enjoyment. Click the link to see them both. And, yes, that pesky squirrel that pops up in every Phuzzle is alive and well.

Phuzzle | The gourd, the bad and the ugly

Oct 2, 6:34 PM

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and that means it’s almost time to pick out the perfect pumpkin to make the spookiest jack-o’-lantern. To get you in the mood, try to solve this great pumpkin photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Tackle this instead

Oct 2, 6:22 PM

The Chiefs’ season has started off on a sour note with only one win in the first four games. Football fans can console themselves by playing a different game: solving this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Surely you joust

Sep 25, 6:08 PM

Huzzah! The Kansas City Renaissance Festival is in the middle of its annual run in Bonner Springs. The festival features activities, food and re-enactments that are true to the period, including a jousting tournament. You don’t need a suit of armor to prove your mettle with this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Dining al fresco

Sep 25, 5:50 PM

Now that fall has begun, the conditions are perfect for enjoying a leisurely meal — a maybe a few drinks — outside. If you have a laptop computer or a mobile device, you can even try to solve this new photo puzzle outdoors. Just don’t get any food on it.

Phuzzle | We’ll give you a gold star

Sep 3, 8:08 AM

While these items — a chalkboard, textbooks and a globe — may seem out of place in a modern classroom equipped with an electronic whiteboard, e-books and Google Earth, but it a reminder that school is back in session. You don't have to be school age to test your smarts with this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Get ready for game day

Sep 3, 7:24 AM

The start of the pro football season is just days away. The Chiefs have had their training camp, but have you? You'll need to shake off the rust if you want to keep up with the revelers at Arrowhead Stadium, who take their tailgating very seriously. While you work to get your burger-flipping arm in game shape, see how sharp your powers of perception are with this tasty new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | A home on the road

Aug 21, 6:49 PM

Some us love the great outdoors and rough it in the wilderness in a pup tent. Others prefer the great indoors and can’t separate ourselves from the comforts of home. For those who fall somewhere between those two camps, there’s the trailer camper. Whether you’re on your home computer or going mobile, here’s a new photo puzzle of an old trailer.

Phuzzle | A change of seasons

Aug 21, 6:23 PM

It probably is the last thing you’ve thought about, what with the triple-digit heat we recently endured, but winter isn’t far away. And that means we will soon be seeing snowplows on the streets again. Pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa, wrap yourself in a blanket — or not — and try to solve this wintry photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Can we keep them?

Jul 30, 10:58 AM

This picture of a box of puppies is cute enough to melt the coldest of hearts, but you’ll need to avert your gaze from those loving eyes long enough to spot the differences in this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Going camping

Jul 30, 10:44 AM

The Chiefs have returned to St. Joseph for training camp, which can only mean one thing: Football season is right around the corner. While the players are busy shaking the rust off their bodies, shake the cobwebs out of your mind and try to solve this Chiefs-themed photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Pebbled beach

Jul 23, 2:49 PM

With all the hot weather we’ve had lately, a trip to the beach sounds nice — until you discover that the beach is more rocks than sand. Tread carefully, beachcombers, as you try to solve this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Parking break

Jul 23, 2:37 PM

Even for the most experienced motorists, parallel parking can be a nightmare, and it can make a trip to the mall an adventure. Luckily, you don’t have to leave home to ponder this parking-themed photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | What’s the buzz?

Jul 21, 5:11 PM

They had been a scarce commodity for a few seasons, but it appears as though the bee population is bouncing back. And the little workers are busy with what they do best: making honey. It’s time for you to get to work on this sweet new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Time to break the dry spell

Jul 15, 7:24 PM

“Knee high by the Fourth of July” is how farmers used to judge the progress of their corn crops. If that’s still the case, then an ongoing drought could jeopardize this year’s harvest. While you pray for rain, try to solve this new agriculturally themed photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Tool time

Jul 2, 11:18 AM

Sometimes, an old tool is the best tool, and by the looks of it, these tools have been passed down a few generations. The only tool you will need to solve this photo puzzle is your brain power.

Phuzzle | Roadside relic

Jul 2, 10:39 AM

With the weather as hot as it’s been lately, an overheated and weary traveler could be tempted to stop after seeing this sign. A motel! With a pool! But judging from its condition, it reminds us of an inn once operated by one Norman Bates. Don't go psycho trying to solve this photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Cheeseburger in paradise

Jun 25, 2:52 PM

Summertime is prime time for a USDA prime hamburger, especially if it’s hot off the backyard grill. Getting hungry? Before you start drooling on keyboard, see if you can solve this tasty new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Long live the king

Jun 25, 2:42 PM

A warmer-than-usual spring meant the monarch butterfly made an earlier-than-usual return to the Kansas City area. Now that's summer is here, we can enjoy the monarch's reign. Here's a photo puzzle for all the would-be lepidopterists out there.

Phuzzle | Fever pitch

Jun 18, 10:14 AM

Sporting Kansas City has really been lighting it up lately at Livestrong Sporting Park, with fireworks on the pitch and in the sky. We think this new soccer-themed photo puzzle will spark your interest.

Phuzzle | Better dead than red

Jun 18, 10:04 AM

The Royals got the better of the Cardinals in the first phase of this season’s I-70 Series, winning two of three games from the defending world champs in St. Louis. This weekend, the action shifts to Kauffman Stadium for another three-game set. Step up to the plate and try to solve this new baseball-themed photo puzzle. (It even has a rally squirrel.)

Phuzzle | Up a creek

Jun 9, 7:31 AM

It's almost summer, the perfect time to get outdoors and kayak down a rushing river. But if you'd rather stay inside, we have this outdoorsy photo puzzle to help you pass the time.

Phuzzle | Going the distance

Jun 9, 7:03 AM

About 9,000 runners pounded the pavement recently as they participated in the 39th annual Hospital Hill Run. The event featured a half marathon and 10K and 5K races. How long will it take you to solve this new photo puzzle?

Phuzzle | They don’t make ’em like they used to

May 15, 10:39 PM

It’s a ritual of spring and summer. Lucky owners of vintage automobiles like this antique Ford take their treasures out of storage and show them off for all to see. If you’re a car buff, this photo puzzle is sure to get your engine humming.

Phuzzle | Stormy weather

May 15, 10:23 PM

It’s a common sight in springtime: storm clouds roiling over the Kansas City skyline. But there’s no need to seek shelter. Just see if you can solve this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Pedal pushers

May 8, 5:52 PM

For most of us, riding a bike is a leisurely pursuit with a pace to match. For these racers, it’s serious business, and every second counts. See how quickly you can solve this photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Flower power

May 8, 2:53 PM

The growing season is upon us! See if you can sow some success from this week's plant-themed photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | A symphony for the senses

Apr 24, 7:12 PM

It’s springtime, and everywhere you look, things are getting green, including the grounds of the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. You’ll need a keen eye, not a green thumb, to spot the differences among all the greenery in this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | The Midsummer Classic

Apr 24, 7:12 PM

This logo will be a familiar sight around Kansas City in the next two and a half months, as the Royals and Kauffman Stadium get ready to host baseball’s All-Star Game on July 10. Step up to the plate and take a swing at this new photo puzzle and see if you’re an all-star.

Phuzzle | Expressionist art

Apr 15, 7:13 PM

Art is a powerful thing. At Safehome in Overland Park, these posters depicting emotions help children who have been victims of domestic abuse express themselves to therapists. We’re certain you’ll be happy when you solve this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Back in the swim of things

Apr 15, 7:01 PM

We’re enjoying spring weather now, but soon it will be summer. That means it’s time for cities to get their swimming pools ready for the season, as these park workers did recently in Leawood, when they gave the main pool at the city’s aquatic center a fresh coat of paint. Dip your toe in the water and see if you can solve this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | The bucket list

Apr 8, 8:34 PM

Volunteers recently put together disaster-preparedness kits at Raytown High School. The buckets will help ensure that the school is ready in case a natural disaster strikes (heaven forbid). You don’t need bottled water or canned food to survive this latest photo puzzle, just a keen eye.

Phuzzle | Ozark Mountain gridlock

Apr 8, 7:47 PM

Branson, Mo., is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding, and in that time it’s gone from a sleepy Ozarks town to a major tourist attraction. The downside of that popularity? The traffic that regularly clogs the strip through the center of town. Fortunately, you don’t even have to leave home to solve this new photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Tourney time

Mar 12, 8:26 PM

It’s March, which means it’s time for the madness of college basketball tournaments. Teams across the country — men’s and women’s, big schools and small — were in a frenzy to qualify then advance through their brackets. See if you break a sweat solving this photo puzzle.

Phuzzle | Irish lads and lassies

Mar 12, 8:11 PM

St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday, and folks in the Kansas City area got their usual jump on the festivities with some early parades to celebrate all things Irish. Try your luck in solving this photo puzzle. You don’t have to be Irish or wear green.