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Mike Burke: Create the smart Interstate 70 of the future

Mike Burke, a Kansas City attorney who co-chaired the Mayors Bistate Innovation Team and serves on the board of KC Digital Drive, writes: Picture the year 2027. You must be in St. Louis for an afternoon meeting. You hop into your car, all electric, punch in the address of the destination in St. Louis and hit the “Travel” button. For the next four hours or so you can relax knowing that you do not have to worry about driving.

As I See It

Jon Copaken: As people and businesses shift back to the heart of Kansas City, downtown’s time is now

Jon Copaken, principal at Copaken Brooks and newly named chairman of the Downtown Council, writes: Companies seeking to tap a broader talent pool and get into the flow of innovation are looking back to downtown. The leaders and influencers who deny that the move to downtown is real — and is even in their best interest — need to ask themselves why the innovative, entrepreneurial companies see it, understand it and are doing it.

As I See It

Elliott Clark: Beware the debt trap of payday loan firms

Elliott Clark of Kansas City, a husband, father, Christian, Marine Corps veteran and volunteer with Communities Creating Opportunity, writes: The good news is that the federal government, specifically the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is working on a new set of rules that, if done right, could curb the worst abuses of payday lenders.

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