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H.C. Palmer: Conference will highlight a deeply hidden wound

The disheartening stories of veteran suicides — about one every hour — seem to multiply each September during Suicide Prevention Month. Now there is more we can do than grieve, worry, or pressure the VA. Now we can help change the endings of these stories by learning about new research on an invisible wound so many veterans carry. It’s called moral injury.

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Jonathan Weiner: Immortality and the 2016 campaign

Science writer Jonathan Weiner writes: Even if you’ve been following the presidential campaign pretty closely, you may not have heard about Zoltan Istvan, the hopeful from the newly formed Transhumanist Party. Istvan’s platform is simple: We should all live forever. He’s driving across the country in a bus painted to look like a coffin, with big white letters on its side: “Immortality Bus.”

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Mark Wiebe: My father, my brother’s keeper

Mark Wiebe, a former Kansas City Star reporter who lives in Roeland Park, writes: Part of me wishes I’d asked my Dad, “Where exactly do you stand on this matter of bootstrap ethics versus my brother’s keeper?” Because I didn’t, we’ll let his actions speak for themselves. I’m sure he’d prefer it that way.

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Two opposing views on Missouri labor bill

The Missouri General Assembly meets Wednesday to consider affirming or overturning Gov. Jay Nixon’s vetoes, including one that rejected a right-to-work law. Here are two opinions on right to work from Missouri legislators.

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Jake Hummel: Sustain veto to stand with Missouri workers

Rep. Jake Hummel writes: I will vote to sustain the veto of the right-to-work bill and so should every other member of the General Assembly who took the oath of office beneath our flag. At a time of increasing income inequality and economic uncertainty, we will not be putting the welfare of our people first if we enact legislation designed for the sole purpose of taking away workers’ rights.

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