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Andrew Barnes: Don’t squander opportunity at Metcalf South

Andrew Barnes, who grew up in Overland Park and now practices architecture in Dallas, writes: Metcalf South is a site wrapped in history and nostalgia. But what is currently standing at 95th Street and Metcalf Avenue is a failed development rooted in planning and retail trends of the mid-1900s. To thrive, the “Central Square” plans must offer something more than what is currently proposed.

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Naomi Beeman: Adjunct college teachers deserve a living wage

Naomi Beeman, who teaches at Park University and the Kansas City Art Institute, writes: Family and friends who know that I have spent much of my adult life earning a B.A. and Ph.D. from two top-ranked universities are surprised to learn that my youngest sibling — who holds a GED, works in retail in Topeka and changes jobs frequently — earns more per year than I do teaching a full load of college classes at multiple institutions in Kansas City.

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Mindy Corporon: How to heal and make a ripple by reaching out

Mindy Corporon, whose father and son were killed outside the Jewish Community Center on April 13, 2014, writes: Can seven days of love and other focused activities really make a ripple to change the world? We think so. We must take a stand with the idea that it is better to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

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Joelouis Mattox: We all must work together to overcome racism

March is National Woman’s History Month. Joelouis Mattox, a former member of the Missouri Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission On Civil Rights, dedicates this column to Lucile H. Bluford, who encountered state-sponsored racism in 1939 when she was denied admission to the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

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Andrew Johnson: No one wins in school talk failure

Andrew Johnson, a co-founder of the Midtown Community School Initiative and director of the Pilgrim Center, writes: The failed negotiations between Académie Lafayette and Kansas City Public Schools have once again exposed a deeper division in our urban community, one that goes beyond those two sides of the negotiating table.

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