Gun lovers finally can pack heat at Kansas Capitol

06/19/2014 2:16 PM

06/19/2014 2:29 PM

Making gun lovers happy, Kansas lawmakers decided Thursday that citizens can bring their weapons into the Kansas Capitol starting July 1.

One question: What are they going to shoot?

The idiocy of the pro-gun movement leads to the conclusion that people have to be armed to the teeth these days to walk anywhere, including in the Capitol in Topeka.


Kansas lawmakers said that they are going to let people who have licenses to carry hidden weapons to bring them into the Capitol. That will be in addition to the legislators and state employees who already can do that.

This is partly a self-defense issue, say supporters like Patricia Stoneking, president of the Kansas State Rifle Association.

On Thursday, she said it was a “civil right” to tote her weapons around the Capitol.

Again, why would someone need to be defending themselves in the Capitol? There has been no explosion of shootings in the statehouse that would make people nervous about their personal safety there. In fact, there’s no history of shootings whatsoever at the Capitol.

At least for now.

In reality, this is just another absurd expansion of the Second Amendment, kowtowing to the gun lovers and their dangerous idea that almost anyone should have the “right” to pack heat anywhere in America.

A state law also will make it more prevalent for people to carry hidden weapons into other government structures in the future.

Essentially, Gov. Sam Brownback and the Legislature have created the increased likelihood that someone, somewhere will be carrying a gun and do something stupid with it in the Capitol or a government building.

I mean, what could go wrong?

Oh, yeah, something like this.

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