Dick Cheney’s KC visit a chilling reminder of GOP’s deadly war policies

12/31/1840 7:00 PM

06/05/2014 10:28 AM

Dick Cheney — one of the most hated and hateful vice presidents in recent U.S. history — was in Kansas City Wednesday night.

It was a surprising but also odd ending to the first day of a visit by Republicans looking for where to hold their 2016 national convention. Kansas City is competing with Cleveland, Dallas and Denver.

Cheney’s overbearing involvement in U.S. war policies post-Sept. 11, 2001, led to the deaths of thousands of American soldiers.

To this day, some Americans and people in other countries want Cheney and former President George W. Bush — often seen as Cheney’s pawn during the days of the Iraq War especially — tried as war criminals.

This Nation piece is an insightful look at Cheney’s thoughts on the foreign policies he pushed, along with legitimate criticisms of it.

So exactly why some Republicans might have thought it was a good idea to have Cheney’s name associated with the selection of where to hold their national convention escapes me.

Sure, Cheney is still seen as a saint by hard-right figures in the party.

But he’s also the exact kind of spiteful leader that Republicans won’t need out front campaigning for their 2016 presidential nominee, at least if the GOP wants to win back the White House by gaining votes from more moderate Americans.

Cheney’s visit to Kansas City was a jarring and chilling reminder of the days when Republicans controlled the White House and bungled their way into two wars that led to the deaths of far too many young American men and women.


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