Shame on Missouri GOP’s sham attempt to impeach Gov. Jay Nixon

04/23/2014 2:17 PM

04/23/2014 6:26 PM

That sure was a lot of fun on Wednesday, as some Missouri Republicans revved up their sham attempt to impeach Gov. Jay Nixon.


hilarity ensued at the House Judiciary Committee meeting

— unless, of course, you’re a Missourian embarrassed and even offended by yet another inane waste of time by our taxpayer-supported lawmakers in Jefferson City.

The charge by some GOP opponents is that Nixon must be booted out of office because he issued an executive order that same-sex couples legally married in other states should be allowed to file joint tax returns in Missouri.

This homophobic-sounding attack on Nixon was generated, in part, by Rep. Nick Marshall, a Parkville Republican.

The state of Missouri bans same-sex marriage, Marshall pointed out.

But Democrats fired back that this should not be an impeachable offense.

One excellent point: No court has even found that the basis for Marshall’s complaint is correct — that Nixon’s order violated the state constitution in any way.

It sure is a good thing that the state of Missouri has no bigger issues to deal with than these artificial attempts to get publicity and generate support from ardent Republican voters in home legislative districts.

Have no fear: If Marshall’s bid fails (as it should), at least two other impeachment efforts already are under way to remove Nixon for other, equally stupid, reasons.

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