Kansas City closes in on Final Four of America’s worst downtown ‘parking craters’

04/02/2014 10:31 AM

04/05/2014 6:07 PM

Kansas City’s acres of downtown parking lots irritate a lot of people — especially the young crowd moving into the urban core — who want to see more development and more activity there.

Unfortunately, the city’s often-empty lots

also have caught the attention of a group

that’s holding a contest to find America’s worst “parking craters.”

Or as Streetsblog USA puts it, “our annual search for the worst excesses in urban surface parking.”

This is not a good thing, because parking craters are supposed to show that a city has too many dead zones and not enough activity to draw people or businesses to its downtown areas.

But, hey, at least here’s something where we once again beat our cross-state rival: Last week voters said Kansas City’s craters were worse than those of St. Louis.

So Kansas City has moved into the Elite Eight of this competition.

Now, on the website, people are voting to determine whether Kansas City’s parking craters are worse than those in Grand Rapids — which “defeated” Salt Lake City recently. (You can

vote here


As of Wednesday morning, it was no competition: Kansas City was stomping Grand Rapids and moving closer to making the Final Four of the so-called “Parking Madness” bracket.

If KC moves on, we’ll face either Detroit or Rochester in the Final Four.


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