Chalk up one defeat for gun-happy Missouri legislators

04/01/2014 4:00 PM

04/05/2014 6:06 PM

How courteous of them: Missouri’s gun-happy Republican lawmakers have backed down from one confrontation with the federal government.

House members

this week decided that a new law they want to pass will not

require the arrest of U.S. agents who try to enforce federal gun-control laws.

This has always been one of the most inane parts of the pro-gun legislation pursued in Jefferson City, in which the state government would mandate that federal gun-control laws cannot be enforced in Missouri.

And if anyone


try to enforce the federal laws — say, the FBI — those agents could be arrested.

Get real.

That isn’t happening, no matter how many laws are passed by the over-the-top, pro-Second Amendment Missouri legislators.

It would ruin the much-needed cooperation among local, state and U.S. law enforcement officials in getting criminals off the streets.

However, the House has tentatively endorsed the overall bill, which is aimed at nullifying some federal gun-control laws, following in the path of the state Senate, which recently passed a similar measure.

But the Senate bill did include the potential for arresting U.S. agents.

So Republican leaders will have to strike some kind of deal to see whether the legislature can get an overall nullification bill to Gov. Jay Nixon’s desk later this session.

Of course, as he did last year, Nixon should veto such a bill.

It’s patently illegal; the state can’t decide it’s not going to allow federal laws to be enforced within the state boundaries.

Just don’t try telling that to the people who won’t be happy until all reasonable restrictions on carrying weapons are wiped from the books.


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