The ‘dangerous’ KC Zoo bounces back with 17,000 visitors

03/21/2014 2:37 PM

03/22/2014 6:02 PM

The Kansas City Zoo will survive just fine, thank you, even after the problems that occurred last Tuesday.

That’s when a few shots rang out after fights occurred among groups of young people near closing time on a “free day” at the zoo, which attracted shy of 20,000 people.

Just two days later, a throng of 17,000 people visited the zoo, paying regular admission fees.

They didn’t pay any attention to the ridiculous notion that the zoo is too “dangerous” to enjoy.

“We had an awesome day,” said Julie Neemeyer, zoo marketing director. “There were a lot of smiling faces.”

Of course there were: The zoo — which has made great strides to improve itself in recent years — is still a great place to take families.

The zoo is already on pace to exceed its goal of 88,000 visitors for March.

And — fingers crossed — the zoo could post another record year if it exceeds the 880,000-plus who came in 2013.

City and zoo officials need to and will figure out ways to prevent problems at future free days. They must be continued.

In the meantime, Kansas City area residents should go out and enjoy the zoo.

Don’t pay any attention to anyone who say it’s too dangerous to visit or that no one goes there anymore.

The facts show otherwise.

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