Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins stokes the border war

01/29/2014 3:08 PM

01/29/2014 7:41 PM

Talk about stoking the border war.

U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins brought a smile to the faces of fellow Kansans on Wednesday, which was the state’s 153rd birthday.

But along the way, she also irritated a few Missourians.

How? With a simple tweet.

It read: “Happy Kansas Day! Celebrating 153 years of not being Missouri. #AdAstraPerAspera #KansasDay”

Accompanying the tweet was a photo of a beautiful field of grain contrasted against a pale blue sky.

The love from Kansans poured in on Twitter.



“Perfect!! Happy Kansas Day to u too!!”

“Winner of #KansasDay, hands down.”

And this from a moderate Republican Twitter account to the ultra-conservative Jenkins: “LOLOLOL, look at a Rino agreeing with the good lady.”

The whole thing, though, might have come crashing down on Jenkins’ head if one tweet along the way had been true:

“That’s actually US 36 in Missouri,” came the message.


The (disappointing) reply tweet a few minutes later: “Nah, just having fun with the Rep.”


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