Yael T. Abouhalkah

January 23, 2014

Look out for gun-toting Kansas Republicans at weekend convention

With more gun-toting Republicans around, going to the Kansas GOP convention starting Friday in Wichita just got more dangerous. That’s because GOP officials fought for and won the right to carry weapons into the Hyatt Regency Hotel during the convention.

Kansas Republicans aren’t afraid of looking ignorant when it comes to guns.

Going to the GOP state convention starting this Friday in Wichita just got more dangerous for all those staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

That’s because GOP officials fought for and won the right to carry weapons into the hotel during the convention.


Wichita Eagle’s Bryan Lowry has a good summary here


My favorite quote comes from an email sent by Debbie Luper, chairwoman of the Republican Party in Butler County:

“NOTE: for our convention, the Hyatt has agreed to drop its no guns on premises policy! That was a point Chair Kelly Arnold negotiated hard for in the contract.”

Yes, forget good room rates or fluffy pillows at the Hyatt. What Kansans Republicans really want to do is carry their guns into meetings.

GOP officials yakked on about how the hotel’s usual prohibitions against guns were supposedly meaningless and allegedly didn’t make anyone really safer.

So what’s wrong with toting weapons into this event?

Well, the facts show a few things that gun lovers don’t like to admit are true:

• “

15 studies: Guns in the home raise homicide, suicide risk


• “

Guns in your home: A statistical accident waiting to happen


• “

High gun ownership makes countries less safe


Don’t worry, though. It appears from their quotes that many Kansas Republicans like to talk about all the guns they own, but aren’t so sure the weapons will be needed at their hotel. That’s so comforting to hear.

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