Obscene T-shirt mocks Sporting KC

11/26/2013 10:05 AM

11/26/2013 6:19 PM

Aren’t those Real Salt Lake soccer fans so .... cute?

Some of them have come up with a T-shirt that mocks Sporting KC, before the two teams tangle in the MLS Cup 2013 on Dec. 7 at Sporting Park.

The T-shirt, alas, is not fit for this family-friendly website.

So beware, but

you can see it here


Stay classy, Real Salt Lake


I’ve reached out to my usually edgy Sporting KC fans on Twitter. And as one noted quite nicely: “It takes a weak mind to focus more on hating opponent than supporting your team.”

And another: “If their soccer is as unimaginative as their tshirts, #skc has nothing to worry about.”

Of course, two can play this game.

Now, that doesn’t mean Sporting KC will come back with equally graphic shirts. Or embarrassing ones.


here’s an excerpt

from a recent Sports Illustrated Planet Futbol posting after Sporting KC beat the Houston Dynamo last Saturday night in Kansas City:

“Kansas City will stake its claim: During this build-up to this summer’s MLS All-Star Game at Sporting Park, there were T-shirts and signs trumpeting Kansas City as the ‘Soccer Capital of America.’ Naturally, partisans in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, New York, Washington and several other cities had a bit of a problem with that.”

So, yes, soccer fans — as do other sports fans — enjoy using T-shirts to proclaim their love for a certain team.

They just usually do it with more class than some Real Salt Lake supporters are doing.

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