National gun rights group slams Nixon’s veto - and Obama

08/23/2013 1:15 PM

08/24/2013 6:07 PM

The National Association for Gun Rights on Friday took aim at Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon and his veto of the “Second Amendment Preservation Act.”

This is the bill, passed by the General Assembly earlier this year, that seeks to stop federal authorities from enforcing federal gun laws in the state.

In other words, it’s another of the likely unconstitutional efforts by GOP lawmakers in Missouri to curry favor with the most fanatical gun owners in the state.

The national group — which says it has three million members and “supporters” — in a press release urged lawmakers at their September veto session to override Nixon’s actions on HB 436:

“Using an aggressive mix of direct mail, email, social media, web ads and phone calls, NAGR will reach the hundreds of thousands of Missourians worried that Nixon’s veto will stand, opening the door for the Obama administration to sidestep Congress and allow existing and future legislation to be imposed in Missouri without the consent of the state.”

Yes, the release also includes a gratuitous and misleading slap at President Barack Obama.

After the Sandy Hook tragedy, in which a gunman killed 20 children last December, Obama pledged to use the powers he has as president to try to reduce gun violence in America. Sounds reasonable to me and many others who aren’t in the gun-toting-everywhere crowd.

Nowhere did Obama say he was going to try to “sidestep Congress” with major legislation.

Indeed, sorry to say, the U.S. Senate couldn’t even pass nominal improvements in U.S. gun rights laws in the weeks and months after Sandy Hook.

The National Association of Gun Rights might be successful in its push to override Nixon’s veto. Recent reports indicate that some Democrats in the legislature also are running scared of the most fanatical gun owners in their districts and will vote for the override.

It’s a sad state of affairs but, unfortunately, too much par for the course in Missouri these days.

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