Kobach, Brownback team up to suppress Kansas voters

08/06/2013 11:41 AM

08/06/2013 11:41 AM

Gov. Sam Brownback has three options when it comes to the rights of Kansas voters.

• Option 1: Agreeing with Kansas Secretary of State and fellow Republican Kris Kobach, Brownback could say publicly that he fully supports the new law that has prohibited more than 13,000 Kansans from completing their voter registrations.

• Option 2: He could tell Kobach and others that he’s appalled by how the law is being implemented and he’ll make sure it’s repealed, post-haste.

• Option 3: Finally, Brownback could take the meek, I’m-not-really-a-leader path and say, meh, this is Kobach’s worry.

And on Monday, Brownback

unfortunately took option No. 3.

Of course, as a result, the governor essentially endorsed the route Kobach supports, which is to make it harder for eligible Kansans to exercise their right to vote. It’s just that Brownback didn’t want to go on record publicly supporting such a reprehensible approach to voters’ rights.

(For the record, Option No. 2 would have been the best approach if the governor really wanted to help Kansas voters.)

On Monday, Sam Brownback said he at least knew what was going on with the issue.

“We’ll watch and review the process as it’s coming forward, but there is a constitutional officer that’s in charge of that,” Brownback said.

I don’t expect Kobach to help those 13,000-plus Kansans, and now, Brownback apparently has crossed himself off the list of people willing to stand up for those voters.


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