Yael T. Abouhalkah

August 3, 2013

Did Obama help a Saudi national beat a murder rap?

Conspiracy theorists have their latest target: President Barack Obama visited Warrensburg last week and, during that time, he and his team worked out a deal to free a Saudi national accused of murder. True or false?

Conspiracy theorists who don’t trust President Barack Obama say this is what actually brought him to Warrensburg last week:

Sure, Obama was in town to publicly give a speech on the economy.

But privately, the president and his team worked out a deal to free Saudi national Ziyad Abid, who was accused of hiring someone to kill a bar owner there.

True or false?

Here’s some of the evidence for the “true” side:

Scroll down to check out some of the comments

on the bottom of The Star’s story on the case from Saturday’s paper.

(And check out the photo of the left-handed Obama at his Warrensburg speech; could he have been scribbling out the pardon for Abid even at that moment?)

Then again, for what really happened in this case,

scroll up to read The Star’s story

: Abid was released because the case against him collapsed.

Thank you for playing along, conspiracy theorists and Obama haters.

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