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Not a ‘former’ country club

03/19/2014 5:31 PM

03/19/2014 5:31 PM

I received a call today about an inaccuracy in a story that was particularly troublesome to interested parties.

The Homestead Country Club in Prairie Village is currently working to stave off a foreclosure by

developers who want to use the prime land it occupies for a premium housing subdivision.

So it was unfortunate that

a story in today’s 913 news magazine about candidates for city council

mentioned one candidate’s thoughts on zoning and development, and referred to the “former Homestead Country Club.”

The club is still in operation, though a representative there who contacted me said she’d heard from members who took the story as indicating otherwise. The online version has been fixed.

In most cases, The Star’s policy is to run corrections to stories that go only to certain parts of the metro area in the next edition of that particular section. But in this case, since the club must respond to the foreclosure proceeding by this Friday, there won’t be another 913 to run it before that date. So the correction will be on Page A2 of the main paper tomorrow, and again in 913 next week.


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