A snub to KKFI?

01/28/2014 6:47 PM

01/28/2014 6:47 PM

A recent story that ran in The Star’s FYI section and also in Ink Magazine looked at a partnership between Kansas City Public Television and 90.9 the Bridge.

I heard good things from readers about the coverage in general.

However, I did hear from one aficionado of

local community radio station KKFI

, who felt the story was missing a crucial mention:

There was a recent feature article on the arrival in town of radio station KTBG, The Bridge, and its focus (one of them) on local talent. The article was well-done and well-deserved, but it seemed a deliberate snub to KKFI fans that there wasn't just one phrase mentioning that The Bridge joined KKFI as a second station in town supporting local talent. In fact, the article implied that there was no other station in town doing that.

I’m not sure I see an implication that the Bridge is the only station offering local programming, but these things can be extremely subjective. But it wouldn’t have hurt the story for it to mention KKFI, of course.


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