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Jumbled ‘Jumbles’

12/05/2013 4:29 PM

12/07/2013 6:02 PM

What a headache for people who just want to work a fun, fairly easy puzzle.

The popular “Jumble” puzzle in the Preview section of today’s print edition is perfectly workable. However, that feature always carries the answer to the previous day’s puzzle. And confusingly, the answer today is labeled as Thursday’s, and doesn’t make sense with yesterday’s puzzle.

That’s because the service that puts together the comics and games pages inadvertently printed the puzzle that should have run Friday today. And because tomorrow’s FYI has already been printed, it will have the “Jumble” intended for the Thursday paper.

Confused yet? I was too — and it took me quite some time to work it through in my brain while writing the correction for tomorrow’s paper.

So attached here is the puzzle that


have run in today’s Preview. It will instead run in Friday’s FYI, and its answers will appear in Saturday’s edition.

The missing answers to the “Jumble” from the Wednesday FYI:

GRIME BLURB ADJOIN INVENT; Boo-Boo liked being Yogi’s sidekick, except when Yogi was being — OVERBEARING

The answers to the puzzle that ran in Thursday’s Preview section, which will also run on Page A2 tomorrow in a correction:

ALBUM DIGIT BOTANY INVITE; When it came to protecting their castle, they were — “MOAT-IVATED”

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