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Hold politicians’ feet to the fire

10/10/2013 10:54 AM

10/12/2013 7:08 PM

An emailer nicely summed up a common theme running through the feedback I’ve been hearing over the past week:

Ever since the economic crash of 2007 - ‘08 people have been struggling just to get by. Things have been better the last couple years but I never want to go through this ever again. You had a couple quotes in the opinion section (Oct. 9) about our local gov't representatives but it's far from enough. These people's feet need to be held to the fire in a big time way by media like the Star. With this shutdown and this default looming again I would expect daily front page coverage of the local reps and stories about them. This default would be catastrophic and we'll be right back where we were in ‘08.

The media needs to stand up for the people and put our reps in the spotlight on this issue. I don't know of a bigger story than this ever.

That’s a sentiment hardly unique to this period in time, but I agree that journalists should be asking government officials hard questions on this and other issues. And I’ve underlined the specific concern with the newsroom.


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