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UPS Store isn’t really UPS

08/22/2013 9:30 AM

08/24/2013 6:04 PM

I just spoke with a caller who pointed me to a brief with a photo that ran at the top of Page A-10, the first page of the Business section in print today.

It’s an item about

changes to United Parcel Service’s employee benefits

. It is illustrated with a photo of a woman walking in front of what appears to be a UPS Store, along with a UPS logo.

The reader who called me wanted to point out that he owns a UPS Store, but neither he nor his own employees work for UPS itself. Rather, his store is an independently-operated franchise,

as are other UPS Stores.

So is this really an error? Not exactly, but it could also be confusing to others.

Does it rise to the level of requiring a clarification in print tomorrow? I’m still thinking on that one, and I’ll discuss it with senior editors in the newsroom later today.


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