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July 30, 2013

Wanting all of George Brett series in print

Readers enjoy the wide-open space of the online world. But they sometimes don’t like it when not everything makes it to print.

For many years, one of the evergreen concerns with readers contacting me has been about the question of what The Kansas City Star publishes in print versus on

The focus of the print edition of The Star generally sticks with content pertaining to the Kansas City area primarily, with national and international stories always in the mix, but not always at the forefront.

On the other hand, a look at the list of most-read items on shows that the audience there isn’t necessarily looking at KC news. As of this writing, stories about the death of Loretta Lynn’s daughter and the CBS show “Big Brother” are sharing the list with a host of local news.

I’ve heard from two readers so far this week who have been annoyed that a

weeklong series on Royals great George Brett

has been running prominently on the website, but not in print as of yet. “That’s just wrong,” said one print subscriber.

There will be a Brett special section coming in Sunday’s paper. It will use a lot of the content from the website, but of course there are realities of the limitations of real estate in the printed world. Those don’t exist online. And of course the video components of the site can’t make it to print either.

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