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July 25, 2013

NSA story needed local representatives’ votes

Readers often remind me that they want to know how those in the House and Senate from this area vote on important or controversial legislation.
The lead story in today’s print edition of The Star is about a vote that failed in the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday that would have put limits on the National Security Agency’s gathering of personal information.

Readers I heard from today thought the story was important, but they also pointed out one glaring omission.

“I know I can go to other places to get voting information but why should that be necessary, especially on important votes?” emailed one reader. “I like having all the information in one place in my morning paper.”

Editors usually do try to get the local contingent’s votes into these stories, as readers consistently tell me they consider it vital. Political reporter Dave Helling has done

a blog post over on “The Buzz” blog that lists how Missouri’s and Kansas’ representatives voted.

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