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May 30, 2013

Sheryl Crow not appearing at local benefit

Musician Sheryl Crow performed a benefit in town last year — but why does Preview say she’s doing it again?
Multiple readers contacted me today about a box that ran with a story in the Preview section about musician (and Missouri native) Sheryl Crow

. The story concerns her increasing comfort with country music, after having established herself as more of a mainstream pop artist 20 years ago.

The people who got in touch were confused by the information in the box, which indicated Crow is scheduled to perform a benefit for the cancer nonprofit Back in the Swing next month. Didn’t she do that same thing a year ago, they asked? And why didn’t one find it on the calendar at the venue noted in the box?

It turns out the person putting the box together misread the date an old press release online about the 2012 concert. This will be corrected in tomorrow’s print edition, and Back in the Swing has put a note about it

on their website.

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