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April 23, 2013

All print content available in E-Star

Not everything that runs in print is on there’s a way to get it all electronically.

These days, newspaper companies put out a lot more than just the newspaper. And to be frank, it can sometimes be a maze to maneuver through all the content posted on especially. With no limitations of space as exist in newsprint, stories can run to any length, and there’s no end to how much wire content can be posted.

But there are some items in the print edition that don’t exist in the online world. A prime example: A reader today asked if she can find the crossword puzzle that appears in the print edition’s FYI section. That puzzle is called the Daily Commuter by Tribune Media Services, and they don’t make an interactive online version (meaning one where you can use your computer keyboard to fill in the blanks).

The New York Times crossword that runs in the Classified section is another matter. The Times does offer an online version by subscription



However, you do have another option for any of these puzzles, or anything else in The Star’s print edition. The E-Star is an exact facsimile replica of the printed paper, including ads, puzzles, comics and anything else printed in the news sections. And yes, its pages are printable, and you can double-click on articles to open them up in a window that’s easier to read. You can activate your E-Star account


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