Event on Sunday at Sporting Park should build financial literacy

A financial funfest on Sunday to improve people’s money management skills should occur every day in the Kansas City area. Ensuring that more families can better manage their financial resources will help build up the financial health of the community and keep more residents from depending on high-interest payday loan joints.

Too much exercise can be harmful, a new study finds

A new study shows that men who are into excessive workouts such as marathons had 62 percent more plaque buildup in their coronary arteries over 25 years than men who were sedentary, But that’s not an excuse not to exercise at all. It still makes sense to become more fit and lose weight. Moderation is the key.

People feel compassion for victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

It’s easy to see how that news emotionally distressed relatives and friends of those on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with some making wild accusations against the Chinese and Malaysian governments. No hard evidence has surfaced yet of the plane crashing into the ocean despite intensive search efforts by many countries.

Educating today’s kids requires different skills

Social media and hip-hop should be part of educating today’s students, advises Gloria Ladson-Billings, a University of Wisconsin-Madison urban education professor. “Kids can turn their lives around because they are finding a way to express themselves through art,” she said. Adults just have to anchor them with history and boundaries to respect so they can soar into a great future.

Obama’s actions for workers could benefit the economy

President Barack Obama is doing the right thing in pushing for pay equity for women and making millions of additional employees eligible for overtime pay. It would benefit the economy, reduce the unemployment rate and pump more money into businesses as people purchase more products and services.