Lewis Diuguid

July 21, 2014

Kansas Citians protest for peace in the Middle East

Stopping the fighting between Israel and militant Palestinians is the only way to prevent more bloodshed.

A couple of hundred people lined the curb Sunday afternoon at Mill Creek Park near the Country Club Plaza to protest the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. They have been here before with each flare-up of violence in the Middle East.

For weeks, militants inside the Gaza Strip have fired missiles into Israel. Israel responded, bombing places inside Gaza. Israel last week send troops into Gaza.

So far more than 430 Palestinians have been killed in the fighting and about 3,000 injured, Gaza health officials report. Since the ground invasion started, at least 13 Israeli soldiers have died and more than 60 people have been killed in the shelling in densely populated Gaza City neighborhoods, the army and local health officials report.

Stopping the fighting is the only way to prevent more bloodshed.

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