Obama must act on immigration crisis

07/01/2014 10:59 AM

07/01/2014 11:00 AM

With Congress stuck in a political infighting rut, President Barack Obama has to act on the immigration issue.

People from Mexico, Central and South America are crossing the border into the United States. Many dangerously ride atop and along the sides of freight trains that frequently roll through Mexico.

Thousands of unaccompanied minors are among those seeking a better life in the U.S.

In addition, Obama should act to enable corporations to get the specialized workers from other countries for unfilled jobs at U.S. corporations. And as if that’s not enough, the president has to do something about foreign students who have overstayed the time they are supposed to be in U.S. colleges and universities.

The downside of the House and Senate being in a political jam on immigration and many other important issues is lawmakers surrender more power to the executive branch of government. But then, of course, legislators — particularly tea party Republicans — get to complain about Obama being the emperor of the United States.

That goes over well in this midtern election year and helps continue the endless political rancor .


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