Hillary Clinton’s appearance in Kansas City unlikely to yield any breakthrough announcements

06/09/2014 11:38 AM

06/09/2014 12:03 PM

It seems easy to imagine what the June 22 appearance of Hillary Clinton in Kansas City will be like.

The former secretary of state and former first lady will be at the Arvest Bank Theater at The Midland with Rainy Day Books founder Vivien Jennings to promote her new book, “Hard Choices.” But inevitably Clinton will be asked whether she actually will be running for president on the Democratic ticket.

Chances are, she’s not ready to make that commitment. Clinton, a former senator from New York, ran for president in 2008 but was bumped by political upstart, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois. He went on to win the Democratic nomination and the presidency on a hope, a dream and yes, we can. Obama was re-elected in 2012 with Clinton in his cabinet.

Timing for Clinton’s announcement is everything. Coming out too early puts one at risk of having late entries steal the public relations thunder and funding.

Come out too late, and no one is interested anymore. Clinton has to play this right.

First the new book, and then the multi-city book tour, and then lining up substantial funders, more tours and checking out possible competition for the Democratic nomination. Then her campaign folks will attempt to minimize surprises and finally the big positive public relations splash when she comes out as a candidate. Her handlers will work hard to keep down all of the negatives like universal health care, Benghazi and more.

People on June 22 can hope that Clinton will announce that she’s running for the presidency. But during her stop in Kansas City, it’s way too soon.

She will be convincingly coy and charming with the polite Kansas City audience, even though her troops have been on the ground nationwide for months.

So don’t expect any history-making breakthroughs to occur in this old cow town two Sundays from now. A better bet is that the GOP will have its convention here in 2016.


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