Gun violence is America’s ongoing tragedy

06/06/2014 10:15 AM

06/06/2014 10:15 AM

Before the country can overcome grieving from one mass killing, another happens and the process of sorrow, tears and wondering why starts all over again.

On May 23, a 22-year-old man killed six University of California-Santa Barbara students and wounded 13 others before killing himself. Then on Thursday, a man with a shotgun entered a building on the campus of Seattle Pacific University and opened fire.

A 19-year-old man died of gunshot wounds, and three others in their 20s were wounded before the 26-year-old shooter was overtaken by a student building monitor, preventing more people from being hurt or killed.

Instead of doing more to prevent gun violence, state and federal lawmakers are liberalizing gun laws, making it possible for more people — many mentally unstable — to get more guns. More guns — especially those with greater killing ability — will only lead to more gun violence.

These aren’t hunters in the woods waiting for quail, wild turkeys, ducks and deer. People are in the cross hairs, leading to more deaths, more grieving and tears.

Closure never occurs. It’s always interrupted by the next mass killing — nowhere else on Earth but in America.

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