Added airline fees go against consumer expectations

04/29/2014 10:59 AM

04/29/2014 6:47 PM

Extra fees that some discount carriers charge for people to place carry-on bags in overhead bins and for advance seating assignments brings back memories of the early days of discount motels chains.

When some motel chains got started more than 30 years ago, they’d advertise ridiculously low room rates. But if you wanted towels, expect to pay $5 more. If you wanted heat, add another $5.

You want the television to work? That will be $5 more. Pretty soon the low cost wasn’t low anymore.

Some discount air carriers like Spirit and Frontier are treating passengers in a similar manner, charging for soft drinks, charging to put luggage into overhead bins and charging for advanced seating assignments.

The discount motels dropped the added charges because consumers had an expectation that certain things would come with the room cost. People who fly regularly need to raise their voices about their expectations on flights or the things they get with the cost of a ticket on most airlines will disappear like no fees for checked bags and meals being served on flights.


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