AT&T muscles up to compete with Google’s high-speed Internet service

04/22/2014 10:59 AM

04/22/2014 6:43 PM

Competition mandates that any new, appealing product that one company has be matched or exceeded by another business’ offering in the heated match for market share.

So it goes with AT&T muscling up its Internet speed to challenge Google Inc. In 2011, Google picked Kansas City, Kan., as its choice for its ultra-high speed Internet service.

Google expanded the offer into much of the rest of the Kansas City market with a cute multicolored bunny and Google Fiber. Communities that signed on then were called Fiberhoods.

AT&T announced that it is challenging Google, naming Kansas City as one of 24 markets it is considering for its broadband speeds of 1 gigabit per second, The Kansas City Star reports. That’s about 100 times faster than the national average for people with home Internet service.

Internet providers in the Kansas City area have suffered the loss customers with Google’s arrival and expansion, which includes entertainment options. It’s only natural that existing competitors such as AT&T would come up with their own service to stop the high-speed customer loss.


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