Voter ID cards arrive in the mail to Kansas City registered voters

03/31/2014 12:16 PM

04/05/2014 5:37 PM

Registered Kansas City voters should have received their new voter identification cards in March.

No, it doesn’t include a picture. The Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners mailed the new cards to people.

They include a bar code with a voter ID number. Also listed on the card is the Kansas City ward/precinct and when the voter first registered.

That date can be a shocker to some. The trick now with this card is knowing where it might be in the wallet or purse among all of the credit cards and shopper cards so it can be reached easily on Election Day.

The election board in a news release on Monday said: “Missouri statutes require that registered voters receive new voter identification cards every two years. The Election Board is encouraging voters to always carry the cards in their wallets and to present them to election judges when voting. Voters will still have the option of using other approved forms of identification, such as a driver’s license, government ID, college ID, etc., when asked to present identification at the polls.

By the way, the next Election Day is April 8 in Missouri.

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