Lewis Diuguid

March 31, 2014

Earthquakes, Mother Nature’s ‘gift’ to California

Contending with earthquakes would seem unreasonable to people in the Midwest just as snow, ice, and subzero to 100-plus degree temperatures or tornadoes would be too much for people in California.

Kansas and Missouri have their subzero-temperatures, ice, snowfall, summers with temperatures topping 100 degrees and tornadoes; people in California have to contend with the occasional earthquake.

Folks in different parts of the country have to contend with something Mother Nature-related that is life-threatening and beyond their control. What’s fascinating is that it is hard for people in either region to fathom what folks elsewhere have to go through on the way to just living and working day to day.

Tornadoes, heavy ice and snow or subzero to 100-plus degree temperatures make the Midwest seem uninhabitable to people in California. Yet earthquakes like the 5.1-magnitude ground shaker and many aftershocks that hit Southern California over the weekend the West Coast seem dangerously like being on another planet to Midwesterners.

That’s part of the beauty of this country. There is something for everyone in this land of plenty.

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