California’s ban on plastic shopping bags ban could further affect consumer habits

03/03/2014 10:39 AM

03/03/2014 6:32 PM

A shock while visiting California recently involved having to pay for grocery bags.

That’s not something that people in the Midwest are accustomed to. Of course, the plastic or paper sacks are free in places like Kansas City.

But people in California, who are more conscious about the the environment, put a price on such convenience items, making consumers think twice about paying extra for bags. California now is considering becoming the first state with a blanket ban on plastic shopping bags, The New York Times reports.

Since 2007 several cities including Los Angeles, have prohibited the use of plastic shopping bags. Consumers could pay extra for paper bags. They are biodegradable and easier to recycle.

A lot of people in California already use durable cloth shopping bags. The push to ban plastic bags altogether will force more people into packing their own bags into stores so they can easily carry the items they purchase to their homes.

The one catch is to be sure to keep the reusable sacks clean. They have to be washed as much as dirty underwear to keep germs from creating health problems.

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