Lewis Diuguid

March 3, 2014

New cyber-perk for mass transit in Kansas City

Some Metro buses in Kansas City will offer free Wi-Fi service to riders.

Free Wi-Fi on some buses in the Kansas City area could encourage more people to use the mass transit service.

All MAX buses and 22 other Metro buses will begin offering free Wi-Fi service this week. It will enable riders with smartphones, tablets and laptops to read the newspaper and other publications online, check their email and send and receive messages without worrying about driving and being distracted.

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority will offer the service through T-Mobile, The Kansas City Star reports. Buses with Wi-Fi will have signs on board indicating that they are wired.

It would be nice if the service also will enable riders to punch in their stop so they will get an alert while engrossed in cyberspace on when to get off the bus so they won’t miss their stop. The proposed streetcar system also should go on line fully wired with Wi-Fi.

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