Lewis Diuguid

March 3, 2014

Rainfall a gift, burden to people in California

Storms dumped a lot of rain on California over the weekend, easing the drought that had gripped the sunshine state.

The people in California who wished for rain to end the historic drought forgot to request that the precipitation be doled out in a way that the ground could handle it.

The state of sunshine and blue skies got pummeled with storms. Downtown San Francisco picked up more than 7 inches of rain by Saturday morning, giving the city 44 percent of its normal rainfall. The downpour helped the city dodge the distinction of hitting its driest ever rain year total, The Associated Press reports.

Los Angeles picked up 2.2 inches of rainfall on Friday, giving it a total of 4.55 inches since July 1. But that is still close to 7 inches below normal, the weather service reports.

The rainfall was enough to flood areas that had gone without water and cause evacuations in some parts because of the mudslides, failed levees and sinkholes. Residents in three California foothill areas on Sunday were allowed to return to their homes.

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