Snow-mageddon strikes Kansas City

02/04/2014 10:58 AM

02/06/2014 4:02 PM

Call it Kansas City’s snow-mageddon.

Schools closed, events were canceled, businesses told workers to stay home, and streets and highways had what looked like light, early morning Sunday traffic as people stayed home because of the heavy amount of snow that was supposed to land Tuesday morning. Weather forecasters were predicting up to 11 inches of snow for the metropolitan area.

Snow was supposed to blanket the Midwest and much of the East Coast. Fears of being like Atlanta, which 3 inches of snow brought to a standstill, caused a lot of officials in the Kansas City area to overreact, urging schools to close and people to stay home.

But unlike Atlanta, we’ve been to this rodeo more than a time or two.

Low temperatures will add to concerns, making it better to error on the side of safety. The low traffic count should make it easier for city and state road crews to get the streets and highways cleared.

It should be in time for the next snowfall predicted to hit later this week.

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