Chris Nicastro needs to support KC school district, not fight its stability

01/15/2014 11:48 AM

01/15/2014 5:27 PM

Stability is what children in Kansas City Public Schools need most of all.

Their teachers, principals and the district administration have provided that for more than two years while guiding the schools and the students on an upward path toward academic success. They are far from where they need to be, but the direction now looks promising.

Missouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro is working against that new direction with the CEE Trust proposal, threatening to blow up the kids’ stability and throw the district back into turmoil. The state Board of Education needs to see that and call an end to it.

If Nicastro were wise, she would heed the voices of Kansas City parents and community leaders calling for the district to get the provisional accreditation it has earned. She should support the path that the schools are on with their outreach to surrounding districts. After all the key question remains, “Is it good for the children?”

Outsiders who have insisted in the past that they know best generally don’t. Kansas City schools have suffered enough.

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