What if Obama called Merkel about her skiing accident

01/07/2014 12:02 PM

01/07/2014 6:14 PM

So imagine the conversation from a call that President Barack Obama might have placed over the holidays to German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

“Hello Angela. Barack here. Say, I am really sorry about that nasty fall you took on your annual ski vacation in Switzerland’s Engadine Valley,” Obama would say.

“How’d I know about that? Oh, you mean it hasn’t been released to the press yet? You were trying to keep it on the down-low? Well, you know, Angela, I got this National Security Agency report, saying I should call you ASAP because you had fractured a pelvic bone during a cross-country skiing accident and wouldn’t be able to travel.

“I know we said we’d stop listening to your calls, but this seemed important, and I do really care about your well-being. What are true allies for if not to pay attention and care?”


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