Lewis Diuguid

January 6, 2014

No joy in Chiefsville — only cold and red

The Kansas City Chiefs always have next season for redemption. That’s a longstanding hometown refrain.

It will take time and the start of a new season later this year to wash away the sting of the Kansas City Chiefs’ humiliating, 45-44 playoff loss Saturday to the Indianapolis Colts.

The home team’s surrender of a 28-point lead in the second half will go down in the record books of infamous Chiefs’ chokes. Meanwhile, there is that red-colored, frozen water fountain at North Oak Trafficway and Vivion Road.

It was supposed to symbolize the community’s pride in the home team. Now it stands as a reminder of the area’s collective national embarrassment.

The hard, subzero freeze only means that the red reminder will be around a lot longer than most people want. Time, clear water and warmer temperatures will wash away the worst of the sting and the stain.

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