Olympic worries follow suicide bombings in Russia

12/30/2013 12:05 PM

01/01/2014 5:19 PM

It’s impossible for baby boomers and people who were older to forget the 1972 massacre at the Olympic Games in Munich.

People were glued to their television sets as terrorists wearing ski masks continued to appear on camera. They had entered the Olympic Village on Sept. 5, 1972 and took members of the Israeli team hostage, killing some in the process. A gunfight later resulted in all nine hostages being killed along with five of the Palestinian terrorists.

No one wants that to recur, which is why people are concerned about the suicide bombings taking place in Russia now as the Winter Olympics are set to start in 2014. Security is tight, and it needs to be.

The 1996 Olympics in Atlanta also was the scene of a terrorist bombing, which killed two persons and injured 111. The world is a far more dangerous, terrorist prone place now than it was during those earlier tragedies.

Let’s hope that the Games can take place without terrorists action.


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